Repulsion EP

This EP was built around old school, heavy hitting rave vibrations and underground, bellowing, dark inspirations. Substantial Audio delivered this EP in promo to many outlets, eventually landing it in Mixmag (One of Europe and the world's leading Electronic Music magazines)


Eastern is a single built off of low end and percussive accompaniment. It's design was based off of an old school, minimalistic sound which it's second half then took and twisted into a deeper, darker mid accompanied bassline that sends an earthquake type rumble on a dance floor.

Dub Sessions 001

My first album was Dub Sessions 001. I came up with the idea and concept of it from inspirations like the "GetDarker: This Is Dubstep" compilations, focusing less on a mix CD, but raw, unfiltered and old school. I also built this album off of respects for a simpler, uncomplicated sound.